Securite has refreshed her branding
January 27, 2021

We’re proud to announce that we have rebranded! A brand new look for this year!

It was a roller coaster ride for all of us in 2020, with the shifting paradigm of the way we work, communicate and socialise. However, such shift has also prompted more businesses to go digital means such as securing remote working and enhancing their cyber security of data in case of breaches. While businesses are adopting digital transformation, Securite is moving ahead by redefining the brand and her online presence to keep up with the present times.

We shed our purplish-look into a greenish feel. Why the drastic change of colours? Here’s why:

Green is our synergy of power

As how IT systems uses green to indicate that its powered on and in good condition, its significance applies to Securite’s synergy. Our team is dedicated to always be ‘Green’ for our business partners and clients.

Secure your IT, from end to end

Cybersecurity is not just about securing a modular portion of IT, instead it should be considered using the holistic approach from end to end. Data breaches can occur not just on servers or databases but it can while on transmission. It is of the utmost importance cybersecurity is tackled from end to end. Securite stands firm on her views and we advocate such values to our eco-system. Hence the visual representation of this is signified onto the two-tones swirls around IT.

Secure IT Right

Adapting from our Italian word for Security, Securite would like everyone to be aware that cybersecurity needs to be ‘Secure IT Right’. A slight misconfiguration or missing component that is overlooked may pose a potential cyber risk for users. Thus, we want to reiterate our message to Secure IT Right. If you’re able to read it that way, it means we’ve done our branding right!